Politicians and the Blues

Martin Dunstan dunstanm@WFAG.AGVIC.GOV.AU
Thu Nov 28 18:47:38 EST 1996

Read with interest the other day that the Leader of the Opposition in
England was guest presenter on a popular British radio show called
"Desert Island Discs".  The aim is to play the dozen or so tracks
that you would want to have with you if you were marooned (with a solar
powered CD player!?).  Amongst his extremely diverse playlist was
RJ's "Crossroads".

Which makes me wonder -
1.  There have been plenty of blues sung ABOUT politicians, perhaps
starting with WC Handy's Mr Crump - was his the first reference?
2.  Are any of today's high profile politicians on record as having an
appreciation of the blues??  (Mentions of Clinton's sax will not be

(Can't say that I've noticed ANYTHING cultural about our Aussie
pollies, let alone bluesy - except that they GIVE us the blues

Martin Dunstan
Warrnambool, AUSTRALIA

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