WWOZ is Great! Thanks Curtis Hewston!

"Boogaloo" Bill bbrackin@IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Nov 28 12:59:03 EST 1996

Cary Wolfson wrote:
> WWOZ *is* a great radio station. But when I checked out their online
> broadcast it sounded like shiite ... which goes for everything I've
> tried to listen to with RealAudio. Is this as good as it gets or is it
> my computer? I'm using version 2.0 for Macintosh.

I'm using RealAudio Beta 3.0 and am on a fast connection with Netcom
(28,800 bps).  I think that the speed of your connection is the main
problem.  My brother has problems getting WWOZ to work well and it is
the speed of his connection that is the problem.

When you connect with your internet provider, watch the bottom of your
screen.  It will say something like "Connected at 26200" or "Connected
at 14400".  If it is not connecting at least as fast as 26200, WWOZ
doesn't seem to come in fast enough, and the signal breaks up.

I hope this helps,

"Boogaloo" Bill

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