Jimi and Wolf

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> One, by Johnny Winter states that Wolf didn't really care for
> Hendrix and put him down one night at a jam.
> The other is by Hubert Sumlin. He said that Wolf loved Hendrix and
> they met before Hendrix had any records out and they got along fine.
> So what is happening here?

The Hendrix that HW met before Hendrix made a record and the Hendrix
that HW supposedly put down may have been the result of the changes
Hendrix went through. Hendrix may have been playing it fairly straight
when HW first met him, and HW could easily have been impressed. Then,
two or three years later, after the records came out, HW could well
have thought, "what the hell happened to him?"

- Bill Sakovich (sakovich@gol.com)

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