Jimi and Wolf

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>The Hendrix that HW met before Hendrix made a record and the Hendrix
>that HW supposedly put down may have been the result of the changes
>Hendrix went through. Hendrix may have been playing it fairly straight
>when HW first met him, and HW could easily have been impressed. Then,
>two or three years later, after the records came out, HW could well
>have thought, "what the hell happened to him?"

I'll just quote Hubert Sumlin on Hendrix and Wolf when asked about his
memories of Jimi:
"He was just a little ol' dude living in England. It was before
his band, the Experience, hit it big. We played in Liverpool, the
Beatles' home, and in walked Jimi Hendrix, a little ol' hip guy
wearing earrings and a bandanna. Wolf said "What the f*** is this
guy? I ain't saying nothing to that mother******." He came right up
to Wolf and asked if he could play his guitar. Wolf nodded and Hendrix
picked it up, turned it over and played it with his teeth. [laughs]
He played the hell out of it. Wolf looked at him, big-eyed, and said,
"You hired man, you hired!" He said, "No, thank you, Mr. Wolf But I
admire you and the blues. You guys are 100 percent man. Beautiful man."
I never played with him after that..."

That's the story from the man who has influenced so many...Hubert Sumlin.

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