Hollywood Fats: gear question answered

Charles d'Orban cmd5@CORNELL.EDU
Wed Nov 27 17:00:36 EST 1996

Fred Kaplan sent me the following info on the gear used by Hollywood Fats:

>Fats played a tricked-out early '60's red Gibson 335 (with the varirone
>removed).  This was his main battle axe, although he had the strat
>(which you mentioned) and a Gibson L4 with a D'Armand pick-up.  A long
>time back, he played a starburst Gibson Super 400 when we both played
>with Jimmy Witherspoon.
>His main amp was an old Fender bassman with an old Fender reverb tank.
>Sometimes, Fats liked to play through my old Fender "Dual Professional",
>(a real old amp) dry, without reverb, when we played the west coast
>styles, ala T-Bone, Roy Brown, etc.  Al Blake (the original harp player
>and singer) still has Fats' old gear, that we use on occasion at live
>gigs.  Hope this helps answer your question.

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