Voting Confirmation (Re: Blues-L Convention TIME TO VOTE)

Tom Freeland thf4@WATERVALLEY.NET
Wed Nov 27 02:09:43 EST 1996

On 27 Nov 96 at 8:29, Ian Angus wrote:

> I don't think you should disclose the tally until the
> vote is complete. But it would be nice to see a list of
> who has voted, so people can check that their votes
> were in fact received.

Rather than volunteer to send a list of folks who voted to the list
(there may be people who view their vote as private), I would
volunteer to anyone that if you want to confirm that I got your vote,
send me email and I will check and confirm that you voted.  I think
that will resolve Ian's suggestion?  Sixty folks have voted now; its
still very close.

Tom Freeland
"I find loud ignorance much more annoying than mere ignorance."
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