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Riffin' Rick wrote:

>Now, might the Mighty House Of Blues have this same effect???  I'm sure that
>ours in Cambridge (the original HoB) draws even more business to an already
>busy Harvard Square, just as a tourist attraction.   It's the only thing
>that draws *ME* 50+ miles into Cambridge.  And when I go, I usually make a day
>or evening of it, including lots of shopping and eating around the square,
>besides the $$$ I drop into HoB.

Well, here in LA the main complaint that against the HoB has been the
trouble it has caused for parking with the local residents. Now you can't
park in the streets around the HoB unless you have a permit to unless you
can snag one on Sunset Blvd within walking distance (yeah right) you need
another $8 for the night.

As a club I have been there 3 times now. The lack of seating is the main
complaint. You have to stand up to watch the whole show. Ticket Prices were
$17 for Robben Ford and about $28 to see Koko Taylor with Ronnie Earl. I
saw Steve Morse as well but a friend got us on the guest list for that one.
Drink prices aren't cheap but they aren't much better than other clubs on
the Strip. Sight lines a good and the sound is great as well.

But the blues is rarely featured there. At best about 2 or 3 acts a month.
There is roots rock as well so that ain't too bad. But it can be an
expensive night out there. HoB is a great place to see a live show if you
can stand up all night and have no qualms about increasing your debt.

BB Kings is great though. Ample seating and you are very close to the stage
if you get onto the first floor. And costs are reasonable as well ($6) for
parking as well. And the sound is great. I have heard from a few poeple
that the sound guy there really cares and does a good job. Better than most
clubs in LA la land where they don't care at all. I have no idea about
cover here as I have been a guest the times I have gone. Still, I think
(and don't qoute me) that it is not that expensive.

If I was a single guy making a decent living I would attend a HoB show.
HoB's main competition are the other clubs on the Strip rather than BB
Kings or other blues clubs. But I still prefer BB King's for a blues show.
A better vibe I feel.

And I ain't no yuppie.:-)


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