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>MAGIC SAM                 (g/DELMARK REC) d. 1969-1201, CHICAGO,         IL  32

Magic Sam often tends to get overlooked when one talks about the great
Chicago guitarists. Buddy Guy and Otis Rush tend to get all the press, even
when talking about the '60s scene, but Magic Sam was right there with them
and just as important. If he hadn't of died so young then there was no
telling what he may have accomplished.

I could not even tell you the number of times I have listened to "Magic
Sam-Live." Especially the Ann Arbor set. It still provides a hell of a lot
of inspiration. It is amazing how Magic Sam comes out already on fire and
just keeps building the excitement and intensity that culminates with a
ferocious version of "Lookin' Good" that takes you breath away.

I can never get enough of listening to this man. If you have never had a
chance to listen to Magic Sam then go and pick up the live album or "West
Side Soul." You owe it to yourself:-)


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