Mississippi Delta Blues Vol.2 (Joe Callicott)

Antonsson Se antonsson.se@MBOX304.SWIPNET.SE
Fri Nov 1 12:59:51 EST 1996

 > And I really like Joe Callicott's sides. The trouble is, they are the only sides he ever recorded, other than two sides back in the thirties (also on here).

   No, there not the only sides he ever recorded, but you'll have a hard time finding any of the two LPs with him; Revival 1002 (three tracks from that are on the Arhoolie CD), and Blue Horizon 7-63227. Recorded in 1967 and 1968 respectively, both were issued around 1969-1970 and deleted only a few years later.
   Calicott died in 1969.

Gorgen Antonsson

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