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> Well now that I've seen Jimmy I must get some more of his stuff. I've got I'm A Jockey. (w/Billy Branch and Lucky Peterson) and its a fabulos album. what else is out there. Just realized he's on the bonus tracks on Buddy and Junior Live at Montreaux disc.
> How many albums has Jimmy released?
> Thanks!
>                                 Owen

I think this is a full listing:

Ma Bea's rock (MCM 900.294 [LP]; shared with Luther Johnson, 1975)
I didn't give a damn if whites bought it!: the Ralph Bass sessions vol. 2 (Red Lightnin' RL 0051 [LP]; shared with Eddy Clearwater)
Chicago blues nights vol. 1 (MCM 900.302 [LP]; 8 tracks on anthology, 1977)
Living Chicago blues vol. 1 (Alligator 7701 [LP/CD], 4 tracks on anthology, c. 1978)
Live in Montreux (Black & Blue 59.530-2 [CD] = Evidence ECD 26002-2 [CD]; bonus tracks on Buddy Guy & Junior Wells CD, 1978)
Johnson's whacks (Delmark DS-644 [LP/CD]; 1979)
North/South (Delmark DS-647 [LP]; c. 1982)
Livin' the life (Blue Phoenix 33720 [LP] = Alligator AL 4744 [LP/CD; 1983; title on Alligator: Barroom preacher)
Livin' the life (Black & Blue BB 734-2 [CD], 1990)
I'm a jockey (Verve (US) 314 521 586-2 [CD]; c. 1994)

The MCM material might turn up on Storyville CDs as have other MCM recordings, and the Ralph Bass session on Red Lightnin' will probably be re-released on Delmark.

As an accompanist he's found all over the place!
Albama Red (Curtis Ray)
Billy Boy Arnold (Blue Phoenix 33.726 = Evidence ECD 26061-2)
Buster Benton (Jewel/Ronn)
Bobby Bland (Malaco 7429, Malaco 7439, Malaco MCD 7469)
C.L. Blast
Andrew Brown (Double Trouble DT-3010)
Eddy Clearwater (Fan Club FC 96 = Last Call 422226)
Jimmy Dawkins (Delmark DS-641, Storyville STCD 8035)
Big Joe Duskin (Arhoolie CD 422)
Etta James (Elektra 7559-61347-2)
Casey Jones (Airvay AW 839)
Latimore (Glades 7515)
Little Milton (Malaco MAL 7448, Malaco MAL 7453)
Willie James Lyons (Isabel 900.504)
Dorothy Moore (Malaco MCD 7466)
Andrew "Big Voice" Odom (Storyville STCD 8037)
Otis Rush (Delmark DE-643)
John "Mad Dog" Watkins (Blue Phoenix 33.725, Alligator AL 7707)
- and that's probably only half of it!

Gorgen Antonsson

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