Classic Blues Lyrics

Thu Jun 27 23:39:25 EDT 1996

This has got to be one of the greatest threads ever :-)

Here's mine. No authors - you tell me who -

1) Easy one:

Took me a long time to find out my mistake (x2)
But I'll bet you my bottom dollar
I'm not  fattening no more frogs for snakes.

2) Easy:

Wait a minute, something's wrong, the key won't unlock this door,  (x2)
I got a bad bad feeling that my baby don't live here no more.
(that's all right, I still got my guitar)
I might as well go back over yonder, way back over yonder across the hill
(listen) My baby don't love me no more,  I know her sister will.
(how's that one?)

3) Easy:

I'm begging you, baby, cut out that off-the-wall jive
If you can't treat me no better,
It's got to be your funeral and my trial

4) Easy to Medium:

Highway's like a woman,
soft shoulders and dangerous curves.

5) Medium:

Can't recall a time so many children had the blues (x2)
In worlds of painted pressures, they're growing up too fast,
the innocence of childhood just a memory of the past.

Can't recall the  time so many elders lived in fear (x2)
Crime and disrespect have them locked behind closed doors,
stretching out fixed incomes, while the cost of living soars.

6) Medium:

My woman's gone away from me,
now my mind is trying to leave me too.

7) Difficult :-)

Only hope can keep me together
Love can mend your life but love can break your heart


On Jun 24, 1996 16:37:28 in article <Classic Blues Lyrics>, 'Steve Roberts
<steve.roberts@OCTEL.COM>' wrote:

>All this recent talk (i.e., Misogynistic Blues Lyrics) has got me
>thinking.  The Blues is much more than misogyny and violence - it's a
>whole world of expression that yields classic lines that probably
>wouldn't be found in any other type of music.  Some Blues-Lers sign
>off with good ones, like "Howard just pointed..." from Highway 61
>(there's a later verse that I prefer...), but there's gotta be some
>great ones many of us have never heard.

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