Credit for "Classic Blues Lyrics"

shannon oconnor shannon_oconnor@SWPCO.COM
Tue Jun 25 11:53:48 EDT 1996

     For everyone who is quoting me as the originator of the "what are
     your favorite classic blues lyrics?" thread, that honor belongs to
     Steve Roberts.  I quoted his post and answered, and now everyone is
     quoting me as the origin.

     And for another of my personal favorites, the song is "Drownin' on
     Dry Land."  The part about the poor little dog who couldn't see too
     well and goes down to the railroad tracks, and a train comes by and
     cuts off a piece of his tail.

     "You know that dog, he looked around,
     he didn't bother to look up and down the rail,
     then he lost his whole head
     over a little piece of tail...."


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