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Kelly Hoggard kelly@NETUSA1.NET
Tue Jun 25 01:30:45 EDT 1996

R.J. Bauman wrote:
>  Before everybody get's thinking too hard about why they're playing a
> bingo hall, I just wanted to mention that the BSI bingo hall is the
> Blues Society of Indiana's hall--- an ingenious fundraising project
> fashioned by an overworked board of directors. It's really starting to pay
> off. Also, this event was the product of The Wolfpack--- a great band
> and BSI supporter.
> Finally, the hall is located in the south end of the Westlane
> shopping center on north Michigan road (near 71st)  in Indianapolis, IN.
> Tickets are $8.00 : $10.00 day of show.  For more information check
> out
> RJ Bauman

Thanx for the plug, RJ!!

Just this last week, the BSI Board of Directors had an office built at the
Bingo Hall which will also serve as a dressing room for The Rockets and The
Wolfpack. They also installed a stage that was donated by the Indiana
Convention Center (located right next to where our Colts play!)

35 cases of beer, 20 cases of pop, 6 mini-barrels of wine, BBQ ribs, great
blues, what more do we need??
-- Hoggard)

The Wolfpack is Indianapolis, Indiana's premier jump, swing blues band!
Check out their home page at

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