Too Much Analyzing..?

Leonard Watkins ISTS024@UABDPO.DPO.UAB.EDU
Mon Jun 24 09:11:57 EDT 1996

I'm curious about the 'analyzation' of the blues that we sometimes get into
like the lyric thread. Do YOU think we tend to analyze the music a little
too much. I mean., "Long Distance Call" is a terrific tune, regardless. IMHO
it takes away from the music when start analyizing. How in the world you
gonna enjoy the tune when your too busy analyzing it...????

I don't think Muddy or Wolf....etc thought anything other than getting off on
the music, the scrutiny that we sometimes put their music through was never
even considered by the musicians. If it were they would have been to busy
worrying about the "analysis aspect" than the actual music.

I say just listen and get off on it, that's what it's there for
Leonard Watkins

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