What you don't have...

scott d scottd@INTERACCESS.COM
Thu Jun 20 13:12:55 EDT 1996

At 11:57 AM 6/20/96 -0300, Rob Hutten wrote:
>> What are five artists that you think most 'ellers own some recordings of
>> and you own none of those artists material:
>I could list fifty artists in this category, probably.  The two I'm
>most aware of though are Blind Blake and Magic Sam.  I'm ashamed to
>admit it, but I have never heard a single note from either of these two
>bluesmen.  I've heard enough recommendations from people I respect,
>however, to know that I'm sure I'll like 'em when I finally hear 'em.

Blind Blake, great at he was, you could could probably get through the rest
of your life without.  Magic Sam, on the other hand.....Get thee to a
diskery, and pick up "West Side Soul"!



Check it out!

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