Willie and other Loves

Brian Smith bsmithb@CIX.COMPULINK.CO.UK
Thu Jun 20 02:15:00 EDT 1996

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>  (At least it beats the silly toilet jokes, she retorts). -BtheK.

Well met through the night...well at least it's 2 in the morning...

<bursts into a quick singalong>

Well it's two in the morning and my key don't fit the door
My baby she don't love me no more
Sitting in this laundromat across the street
My baby says we should no longer meet
Watching my clothes spinning round
Looks like I'll have to sleep here on this bit of ground,,,,

Anyway I digress sitting here listening to some rather pleasant Chicago
sounds....your posting gave me moments of laughter as "willie" in the
UK at least is an euphemism for a part of the anatomy that males have
but females don't....

No offence intended but blues-l has got so serious lately....


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