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Eliot Williams williams@HEME.MEDICINE.WISC.EDU
Wed Jun 19 18:31:40 EDT 1996


> Just happened across an ad for a book titled:  "the blues: album
> cover art." It is edited by Graham Marsh and someone else whose
> name I could not make out and is published by Chronicle Books.  Has
> anyone seen this book and would be will to testify of its content
> and worth whether it is worth owning?

I have leafed through a copy.  It's just what the name implies - a
lot of pictures of blues album covers, mainly from the late 50s and
60s.  A lot of the albums were UK reissues of Chess and other US
originals.  There's a bit of information about the artist and album
with each picture. There were some reasonably rare albums but I was a
bit disappointed that more of these weren't included.   EW

Eliot Williams
University of Wisconsin
Department of Medicine

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