I missed Luther Allison :(

MYSTERY 60 mystery60@AOL.COM
Tue Jun 18 01:31:10 EDT 1996

It was the most INCREDIBLE show I've EVER seen. I have been going to
concerts for over 20 years... most of them Blues concerts. I've seen the
BEST, I've seen them ALL. Nothing even comes CLOSE (except maybe that Hard
Again tour with Muddy, Johnny Winter, and Cotton, except that this had a
different energy all together).
And the rain didnt dampen spirits a bit! In fact, it took on an even
crazier party atmosphere, with chicks running in and out of the club with
wet t-shirts and everyone splashing beer all around, since everyone was
soaked anyway! Gosh, what FUN!!!
And of course, Luther ripped like the devil unleashed.....
If  I were to die tomorrow, at least I wil know that I saw Luthere at
WarmDaddy's last week.
Too bad ya' misssed it, buddy.

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