More on John Campbell, and further raving (sort of long

Pete Wulforst PHWoolfman@AOL.COM
Mon Jun 17 20:14:45 EDT 1996

Another thought on John Campbell; I keep hearing people say, "You haven't
heard ....... (you fill in the blanks) until you've heard him (or her) live."
 I was very familiar with "One True Believer" (don't rag me if the title is
not quite correct) and quite taken by its spooky ambience.  What I was not
prepared for was the fact that JC and band really kicked ass live.   He also
gave his little slide guitar lecture, which I suppose might have been a stock
part of his show, but I loved it.  I saw him at Philadelphia's River BLues
festival, in '92, I think.  At that same festival I got my "baptism" with
Satan and Adam, who alos blew me away.

On another note (I always do this), some of the discussion among members of
this group has caused me to occasionallly question whether I am driven more
by a love of the blues or a love of the guitar.  Particularly those comments
about "wanking", which I can only suppose equates playing the guitar loud and
fast to masturbation.  And you know, at the age of 47, it wasn't a pleasant
prospect looking in the mirror at a wanker.

Well, last night I was listening to Roland Kirk, on a tune simply called
"Slow Blues", from the CD "The Man Who Cried Fire".  Well R.K. really had me
in the palm of his hand, especially at one point in his solo when he played a
series of loud repetitive trills, which seemed to thrill his live audience as
much as it did me.  But then, I had this flash of how what he was plating
would translate to guitar; it would probably be played by someone (Me?)
trilling with his left hand while, gasp, trying, probably unsuccessfully, to
refrain from using the old blues-forbidden whammy bar.  ANd I wasn't ashamed!
 Was Roland wanking?  I think not.  I'm past trying to play to impress girls,
and at my age, nobody's going to mistake me (or my style) for the next SRV.

So what is my point?  I don't think it is fair for a listener to pronounce
judgement on what I  or anyone else plays, and say "that's not blues, you
poseur, that's @##%$^&&(

Cause sometimes I get so wound up my guitar plays me, and i wouldn't trade
that feeling for all pedigrees and accolades in the world.

Go easy on me, I don't mean anybody any harm, just get kind of passionate


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