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Don Cicchetti dcicchet@LASIERRA.EDU
Mon Jun 17 18:55:46 EDT 1996


>>Getting back to the sound of a double bass - I found that many JAZZ
>>bassists get fantastic tone from their instruments (may be the jazz
>>recording engineers are just better at this,

Sevensen said:

>That´s probably a big reason for why the standup sounds kinda crappy in
>many of todays recordings.

It's true.  I gotta say.   Most young guys simply wrap a '57 in towel and
stuff it under the bridge...  ouch...

Listen to Branfords' "Trio Jeepy" or some of the old Blue Note Dexter
Gordon stuff...  Upright bass tone to die for...

BUT....   don't grind your local rock studio for bargain basement rates,
walk in with the doghouse, and expect to sound like Ron Carter ok?

Remember, you get what you pay for, and if you pay for a pro, you should
get good sound. Period.

Pro's don't work for 15.00 an hour unless you are married to 'em...


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