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Thu Jun 13 11:13:41 EDT 1996

On Jun 12, 1996 20:31:19 in article <Re: R.l., Paul, Corey, Lucky>, 'Niles
Frantz <Niles@NEWS-E2B.GNN.COM>' wrote:

>Clarence Spady -- who was featured in Living Blues' "40 Under
>40" article in its 25th Anniversary Issue -- will be at Rosa's
>Lounge in Chicago this Friday and Saturday.
>He's a very talented young man, and it is well worth your time
>to check him out.

I second that emotion

I saw Clarence Spady at my local venue back in March - I was very very

Clarence has a very melodic playing style on the guitar (he did a great
version of "Oye Como Va" ala Santana), his vocals are good too - he does
very different arrangement to covers without losing the sense or context.
He also does his own originals.

His organ player Mark Hamza - plays on the Hammond and gets that great
sound and he plays very good lines on the bass pedals (there is no bassist
in the group).

I posted a "review" of his gig - if anyone wants a copy e-mail me.

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