Jimmy Rogers &/or Ronnie Earl

Shaun T Cronin shaun@PACIFICNET.NET
Mon Jun 10 18:31:04 EDT 1996

mvc wrote:

>Ronnie Earl is IMHO a fabulous, under-appreciated blues guitarist.  Over
>the last five years he's been gradually transitioning into jazz - his
>latest album, "Blues and Ballads" is another step in that direction.   For
>more blues, you might think about "I Like it When it Rains" or his other
>stuff from the early 90's.   You can get a good over-all picture from a
>compilation of his called "Test of Time".

Ronnie Earl is one of the best post-SRV guitarists wielding a Strat at the
moment. I'm not sure if he plays a Strat on the new album but I have the
Jimmie Rodgers album woth Ronnie Earl and "Blues Guitar Virtuoso" and apart
from being a stellar soloist he also knows how to back up a vocalist. An
art that is not practiced enough by guitarists.

BTW, Ronnie Earl will be in LA next Wednesday with Koko Taylor at the HoB.
I'm pretty sure that I'll be there. Expect a report on the show Thursday


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