Blues in the Schools (was HoB: A Shred of Evidence)

Bardsley, James R jbards@LSUMC.EDU
Sun Jun 9 23:18:48 EDT 1996

You know, I think this is really too much hysteria about HOB. Nobody said
they were God, and they certainly aren't the Devil. It seems to me that
Maggie's  post was a reasonable response to a question that was asked. We
all know there are other programs: we've seen " Sunday Morning" and "20-20"
and the other TV shows that feaatured such programs.

For God's sake, get a grip. HOB is admittedly a commercial venture. Blues
Traveller and Kenny Wayne Shepard and godknowswhatelse will get more time
there than John Mooney. But the fact that they do support Mooney and other
artists like him , and that their treatment of musicians in general FAR
exceeds the usual and customary , deserves credit.


At 6:27 PM 6/9/96, Dave Ruthenberg wrote:
>Enough fawning over HoB already. There are other programs that promote blues
>education. The largest one is "Blues in the Schools" here in the Midwest. It
>is, as far as I know, privately funded and is headed by Robert Jones and
>Billy Branch. So, there are others doing the good things. It's just that
>HoB's enormous PR machine would have you think otherwise.
>Dave Ruthenberg

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