"Got My Mojo Working" query

Fri Jun 7 09:40:54 EDT 1996

From: Bill Shute

While listening last night to The Rockin' Ramrods 1960s rock'n'roll
cover of "Got My Mojo Working," I noticed that it was credited to
Preston Foster as composer. Is that the film actor? What did he
have to do with it? I've seen other people listed as composer too.
Was the song first performed by Ann Cole, not by Muddy Waters?
I'd appreciate knowing the story of the composer credits on this one.
Many times a false composer credit takes on a life of its own when
someone covers a song with a wrong credit and thus perpetuates it.
(Hudson Whittaker(aka Tampa Red) had this happen to him on many occasions,
especially with Chuck Berry on "Don't Lie To Me." The Flamin' Groovies were
one of the few rock artists to cover the song who knew enough about music to
give Tampa proper composer credit on their cover of the song)
Also, what's the original title of the song? "I Got My Mojo Working"
or "Got my Mojo Working" or "Mojo Working" with (I Got My) in parentheses?

Thanks in advance.

Bill Shute
San Antonio, TX

ps, been listening to an old (93) but fine album a lot recently,
NOBLE 'Thin Man' WATTS "King of the Boogie Sax" on Wild Dog,
which features guest shots by Gatemouth Brown, Lucky Peterson
(great keyboard work), and blues-l's Ann Rabson on hot piano
on a few cuts. Anything Watts has done is great, but there was
a nice lp in the 80s on either Flyright or Krazy Kat called
"Blast Off" with his 50s sides, and an out-of-print album done
around 89-90 with trumpeter Nat Adderly that'll interest those
with more of a jazz leaning.

pps, did you ever notice the correlation between amount of inherited
(ie, unearned) wealth and level of arrogance?

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