what are we using for that blues guitar tone

Jason E Duran waits@IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Jun 5 04:35:48 EDT 1996

Fender Strat (Japanese--made way back in '90 or '91 =) ) with some
Seymour Duncan Vintage Staggereds and a set of .11 or .12's (no
particular brand) depending on what shape my fingers are in. Heavy

On the acoustic side I tend to use old Stellas with heavy guage
Black Diamond strings.  For slide I use pieces of brass pipe or
old medicine bottles (which I am continually breaking) and tune to
either open G or D.  No picks.

I'm also restoring an old Kay acoustic archtop (model K-11).  This
particular number was made between '53 and '57.  (send me a mail
if you know where I can find the original Kay parts)

My main amp is a old Fender Yale Reverb (solid state).  Not known
as a blues amp but she's got a unique tone and has survived some
real punishment (including a dead drop from a second story balcony
to the pavement--try that with a tube amp.).  A true road warrior.

Effects:  Boss PN-2 Tremelo/Pan stompbox.

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