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>        I saw one or two posts re: disappointment with Vance Kelly.  I
>        lost the post(s) could someone reiterate (private ok).  Reason
>        I ask is that I have his first CD and liked it a lot, so hear-
>        ing something like this prompts my interest.  I remember a bit
>        about what he played and why - that part is of interest.  Help
>        from anyone is much appreciated.

Barry -

I think the disappointment mentioned on this list has to do with his live
performance.  Having seen him twice in the last 6 months, in performance
he doesn't play much blues.  He loves to do medleys of pop tunes - you get
Barry White, the O' Jays, Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, etc.  The first
time I saw him in Madison, I thought he was just playing dance tunes for the
college crowd at the Memorial Union on campus.  But at the Chicago Blues
Festival - you got the same thing.  I agree with your assessment of his first
CD.  Unfortunately, I hear very little of that in his live performance.

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