Immortal threads (Don O. please ignore)

Craig Edmundson cedmunds@NETSERV.UNMC.EDU
Mon Jun 3 19:05:30 EDT 1996

In the past I  have read this list both ways. Since I don't spend much time in the Usenet arena, I prefer
getting blues-l as mail, which I use all the time. My blues interests are pretty narrow and I delete a lot of
mail without reading it. So the "noise" factor doesn't bother me too much.

I will confess that two-years ago I subscribed to blues-l with an ulterior motive, which was to get help
finishing a project I had underway. But now that the project is complete, I am still lurking around. Why?
Because so many bluezellers were kind enough to help me. Hopefully some day I can repay their kindness by
helping someone else on this list.


Craig L. Edmundson

VT wrote:

> However my counterpoint was just that, to some being able to receive the
> list via a newsgroup is a convenience - I find that so - and it isn't
> because my mailbox does not have the capacity.
> It is a nice option/choice.  But if that convenience is outweighed by
> useless traffic/noise, then I'd forgo it too.  However I thought the list
> should be informed to take a balanced decision.

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