Lawyers on Blues-l

P.W. Fenton pwfenton@GATE.NET
Wed Feb 28 15:19:56 EST 1996

It's is pretty well established here, (and elsewhere), that we just
don't quote and respond to PRIVATE mail in PUBLIC.  This, however,
is what our new member, Attorney Michael Heicklen has done.  Quoted
my private mail to him, in a public reply to the list.  I had no
intention of discussing his character, or my feelings toward lawyers
in general, in public.  He has overridden that.  I apologize if remarks
of mine that were meant to be private offended anyone.  My only
public post was my first, the one where I suggested that a Blues list
probably wasn't a very profitable place to solicit clients.  All
other correspondence was private (from this end).


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