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Wed Feb 28 14:09:09 EST 1996

Mr. Fenton:

This is the last time I will address this issue.  First, it appears you have
taken it upon yourself to speak for the list.  If you had something private
to say, you could have sent it privately.  Second, I have been a member of
this group for several months, and you seem to be one of the people who is
constantly (even chronically) rendering opinions and putting forth
"information" on every conceivable issue, whether solicited or not.  Third,
I have worked in "the blues" long enough to know all the information you
seem to be pushing on me. Last, the article was meant to be informational -
about the options for shopping oneself.  It was information I have knowledge
of, because I work with it every day.  If you wish to see it as advertising,
that is your right - and if you wish to discredit it over a vast mailing
list, that is also your right.  However, it fascinates me that someone so
concerned about others pushing "information" seems to have a need to
correspond to thousands of people with his unsolicited opinions.

The truth is, I have a sufficient clientele that I have no need or desire to
take food out of the mouths of starving artists.  As for my practice, if
artists don't have sufficient funds, I am one of the few attorneys (if they
have prospect), that will shop them on spec.

As for the commercial prospect for blues, on an individual basis, you are
correct.  However, blues records can sell in the 50,000-100,000 range
depending on the artist, and you don't need a platinum album to make a
living.  Blues accounts for roughly 3% of the market, and the artists have
the same shopping concerns as performers in any other genre.  Getting a deal
and making a living beats the hell out of making nothing and "living for
your art."

I was under the impression there might be some blues artists on this list
that could benefit from this information.  Clearly, I was wrong.  So good
luck, and if you are a musician, I wish you luck doing it your way.

At 01:19 PM 2/28/96 -0500, P.W. Fenton wrote:
>On 28 Feb 96, Michael Heicklen had this to say...
>> Dear Mr. Fenton:
>> Thanks for your input.  I'm sorry that you see information as a sales pitch.
>> For the record, several of my label clients are blues labels, and I am well
>> aware of the financial standing of most unsigned blues acts.
>I'm sorry you can't be honest enough to admit when you're
>advertising.  No one here asked you for this "information".  You
>posed the question, and then you answered it:  People should use an
>attorney to shop record deals.... oh by the way, I'm a music
>Anyway I was talking about the financial status of SIGNED Blues
>acts. It's an awful small pie you want a piece of if you are fishing
>here.  There's only one platinum Blues album ever been recorded, and
>that took a pop star (Eric Clapton).
>P.W. Fenton
>Tampa, Florida
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