Lil Green

Mary Katherine Aldin mkaldin@BEACHNET.COM
Mon Feb 26 22:39:20 EST 1996

At 01:48 AM 2/27/96 GMT, Art Schuna wrote:
>If you read my other post on Johnny Copeland, you already know my porch
>story.  Well another 45 I found in this stack was Lil Green's "Romance In
>The Dark/Why Don't You Do Right"  (Groove 45 4G-5004 on a Green label).
>Side A is written by Lil and "Willie Broonzy" who I assume is Big Bill.
>The A side sounds to me like Broonzy on guitar.  Blues Records Vol. 1 does
>not list this 45 or any sessions with Broonzy.  Would anyone know when this
>45 might have been released and who was on this session?  Could this be a
>reissue of work done pre-1943 and therefore not in Blues Records?
>Bingo.  Romance In The Dark was cut on May 9, 1940 and yes that is Big Bill
Broonzy on guitar. The other track, Why Don't You Do Right, was recorded on
April 23, 1941.  Since both songs were hits for her on 78, it makes sense
that they would be comboed on a later 45 release.

Mary Katherine Aldin

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