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Toronto Blues Society tbs@IO.ORG
Fri Feb 23 09:18:51 EST 1996

i've just returned from  washington d.c. and the annual Folk Alliance

blues makes up only a small part of the conference, ie. satan & adam were
one of 18 acts selected by the showcase committee, harmonica fats and
bernie pearl had a very active booth in the trade show room, guy davis was
part of an "alternative" showcase.

the conference moves to toronto next year and i am interested in increasing
the participation of the blues community.  partly because memphis will be
the host city in 1998.  partly because it makes sense.

if you or your blues society, record company, mgmt company or anything wish
to be involved please drop me a line.

i have been in touch with the blues foundation folks and will be trying to
develop some blues specific panels and showcases. there were over 1,500
delegates in d.c., we expect that number to increase in 1997, the hotel
rate is about $70cdn...

derek andrews

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