Ridin the Blind

Rob Varak robbiev@INTERACCESS.COM
Thu Feb 22 16:44:35 EST 1996

L W,
        Steve Cushing from Blues Before Sunrise did an interview with
Honeyboy Edwards once and they discussed this.  It meant riding on the
_outside_ of a boxcar on the side opposite that which passed the
station.  That way, the RR cops or people at the station wouldn't see


PS  It's a great interview BTW.  Honeyboy goes to great lengths in
explaining why he was every bit as good as Muddy, and how he should've
been the one to "make it".  I gotta dig up that tape...

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On Thu, 22 Feb 1996, L W wrote:

> What is the "blind"...as in leaving this morning, if I have to ride the blind
> LW

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