Ranko's Trashing of Monster Mike Welch

Keith Castleberry edsel@ATMORE.GULF.NET
Tue Feb 20 10:06:28 EST 1996

>> This is a new album out on the Tone-Cool by "Monster" Mike Welch. The album
>> is called "These blues are Mine".  Mike is a 16 year old who already has had
>> a good bit of experience in playing the blues. Most new albums coming out
>> lately have several great cuts mingled with a few "clunkers"...not so on
>> this album! Every cut is a gem. The sound quality is superb as well. Without
>> going into a great deal of history and info on each individual cut on the
>> "Monster"'s album, just trust me on this one. Add this to your
>> collection...at once!
>> Keith Castleberry
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>        Oh, please! It is nice to support young musicians, but it is not
>        nice to mislead us old people. Mike Welch (he is anything but
>        "Monster" in any sense) is having sex first time and his partner's
>        name is blues guitar. If you are lucky to survive his opening
>        instrumental, you definitely won't survive his vocals from there on.
>        I can only say: "Mike, find a steady girlfriend (style) and work on it
>        for years to come - this is just a promising beginning." Far from
>        RUN-DON'T-WALK kinda album.
>        What I wanted to say; yes, buy this album if you have some money left
>        after buying new John Primer, new Johnny Dyer, new Guitar Shorty,
>        "new" Freddy King, new Long John Hunter, new....
>        Ranko
>Sorry Ranko, I stand by my recommendation.  I love all the albums you have
mentioned, but IMHO it would not hurt to expand your vision of the Blues
past the old guards of the Blues. MMW is a refreshing sound; and as you say
"a beginning". But, how many artists can say that their first effort debuted
#6 on the Blues Breaker Chart, or any chart. Mike's vocals on the album, IMO
are right up there with the best; of course, he is only 16 and hasn't had
his vocal cords subjected to the whiskey and cigarettes to give him that
"Bluesy" sound that you may like. I say, buy this album first, before the
**classics**  you have mentioned; for a little differant tangent on the
Blues. I'm not trying to trash your view of the Blues, but loosen up and
enjoy a new branch.

Keith Castleberry
WYDH 105.9 FM
"The Blues Cruise"
P.O. Box 710
Atmore, AL  36504-0710

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