attending shows alone

shannon oconnor shannon_oconnor@SWPCO.COM
Fri Feb 16 16:06:29 EST 1996

     I'd think for the most part, men and women will answer this question

     I agree with Maria.  I go alone when my friends have more important
     things to do (like sleep).  And people do worry about me because I'm a
     woman--and a short, blonde one at that--but they worry in their beds
     and their houses while I'm out in the world.  Unlike Maria, though, I
     *have* been bothered at blues shows...usually by a psycho weirdo who I
     just know is some close relation to Jeffrey Dahmer.  Because of my
     helpless demeanor, however (okay, Cathi, stop laughing and take a
     d-e-e-p breath...), I can usually find someone to walk me to my car if
     that's a worry.  Inside a public place, even among (intoxicated) music
     fans, I could raise quite a ruckus if someone tried to mess with me.

     While on vacation in Maine last year I went alone to a club in
     Kennebunkport (okay, I know, not a hotbed of dangerous lowbrow
     activities) to hear a blues act.  I sat at the bar (in a crowded room)
     by myself and was minding my own business when a fellow tapped me on
     the shoulder and asked if I would do him a favor.  He was a member
     ofthe band, you see, and wondered if I would listen while they did a
     quick sound check and let him know if the levels were okay.  What I
     still wonder to this day was ...WHY ME???  Why not the guy on either
     side of me?  Did I look like I'd know the difference??  (I *do* know
     the difference obviously, but still, I *do* have this blonde thing
     going...)  And no, it wasn't a come on; he wore a wedding ring and
     behaved appropriately.


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