News of a killer Australian blues guitarist.

Paul Christie DSNYPC@AOL.COM
Thu Feb 15 11:19:51 EST 1996

Hello fellow blues lovers. A quick note to tell you about a discovery I have
made. The artist's name is Kevin Borich. He is from Sydney Australia and I
just got a hold of a copy of a double live CD pack recorded in Cairns
Australia. One CD features national steel with rhythm section, the other -
features the most passionatley played, soulful stratocaster. The recording is
superb, extremely clear, featuring a rock solid and tight section. The
playing is A1. It's interesting to hear the difference between the electric
and acoustic approach. He has succeeded with both.
The songs are mostly his own but the recorings include compositions from
Elmore James, Rufus Thomas and Willie Dixon etc. 22 tracks in all.
I sourced some information on Kevin and he has jammed with Stevie Ray; and
Carlos Santana apparently loves him and says so in at least two articles I
recieved. Kevin jammed with Carlos on two Santana tours of Australia. The
press articles about him are very impressive indeed and he is a fantastic
slide player to boot.
His music is available only by direct mail from him. I got it from an
Australian connection.
He can be contacted by fax on 011-612-389-2225, that's direct to his house!
My feeling is that if you want something quite rare and unique this record is
just that.
My office is in the Tribeca film center here in NY. My pals in the complex
 are nuts about Kevin's records. When I first got them , I played them non
stop. Actually thought I would get complaints!  Now, the Miramax development
office, Harvey Keitel's office, Matonti's office - all are fans.
So that's it for now. Caught the Robert Johnson documentary the other night
which was really interesting. Great!
Enjoy the grooves, greetings to all, all the best.

Paul Christie.

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