Albert Collins Live CD's

Dave Melton slydemann@EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Feb 14 18:33:09 EST 1996

>>i listened to some of "live: 1992-93" and did not really like it very
>>much, the horns were pretty bad and the playing didn't seem very good
>in general.
>>i see in the noteworthy catalog they have, "live in holland" (1978)
>>and "live in japan" (1984)  - can anyone shed light on the quality of
>>these both performance and quality-wise?  thanx.
>>                        later,
>>                                fish
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>I got some AC live album, Frost something or other, you know Albert's
>thing is how everything is cold and all.  Ice this, frost that.  Some
>wise bluezeller will know the title.  Anyway I got this Frost some
>darn thing of his as a live album and I didn't like it either.
>Opinions may differ, but it's too fonky and show-bizzy for me.
>Come to think of it, this isn't the same record, is it?  Speakin' of
>show-bizzy, the worst offender I have in this dep't is a recording on
>B.B. King live at San Quentin where he does some utterly blues-less
>number about all of us having peace all around the world or some such
>happy talk.  It's just one track, but mighty undesirable IMHO, with
>giddy blaring horns proclaiming our universal sacharine confraternity.
>Yucck!! . . . Yet I digress . . . The horns often seem overdone on
>live blues recordings generally, more fun if you're there I suppose.
>For Collins, I wonder if studio is best?
>Blue Joe in Red Russia ("got a cold, cold feelin'... it's just like
>ice around my heart!")
I was just going to blurt out the comment "there's one in every crowd"
and leave it at that, but I decided that would just be negative BS.
Albert Collins happens to be one of my favorites,and I also got to meet
him and talk to him a bit when I was playing with the Debbie Davies
band. I don't think I ever met anyone any nicer in the business or
otherwise for that matter, so please forgive me any bias. The shows we
opened up for were from the 92 and 93 era and in my opinion they were
It's OK not to like something, we all are entitled to our opinions,
but I was a little bit offended by your reference "Frost some darn
thing or another", let alone knocking BB King for singing about
something positive. Maybe I'm being too nice, as a matter of fact,
this kind of ignorance really pisses me off! Have a little respect, for
what it's worth to you. And before you accuse someone of being "too Funky",
(whatever  that's supposed to mean), learn how to spell it first.

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