mic a resonator

Roger B. emdrprac@DIRECT.CA
Tue Feb 13 13:29:22 EST 1996

>Hey folks,  can anyone suggest how a National or similar resonator guitar
>body) should be miked for live performance in a small club?
>Hugh Hardy

>P.S. Or do they make a pickup that works for a resonator.

When miking:  If possible, use two microphones, one on the f-hole, which
will pick up more of the "air" sound (better bass response), and one closer
to where you are picking, to get the resonator "twang"  Any reasonable
quality cardioid mic. will do for both these positions.

I've worked with many different people's set-ups re. pick-ups on Nationals.
One of the best was where the bridge and resonator had been taken apart,
and a basic piezo pick-up (in one case, a medical heart monitor!) installed
between the bridge and the resonator.  I'm not a guitar tech., so don't ask
me the details of installation.  As with any piezo bridge pick-up, a close
fit is the whole story.  I have also mixed several bluegrass players who
have used heart monitors on mandolins, and in one case, banjo, with very
good results.

Any others out there with similar info......?

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