Who is Fenton Robinson?

David J. Wallace D.Wallace@SHEFFIELD.AC.UK
Mon Feb 12 09:20:18 EST 1996

> Who is this Fenton Robinson..and what's he all about??

Fenton Robinson is a Chicago based Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter.

To my knowledge he has three albums on Alligator:

Somebody Loan Me a Dime (late 70s)
I hear some Blues Downstairs (80ish)
NightFlight (1984)

All are excellent, for me nightflight is the best. Fenton Robinson
plays quite exquisite (sp?) guitar throughout and sings pretty good
too. Don't know what he's done since 84 tho'.


Theres only one way out of:

The Blues, Town and Regional Planning or a spin in a Beech Baron.

I Hope you never find it.

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