Guy Davis in Concert

Anita Samuel samuel@CASTLE.BEAVER.EDU
Mon Feb 12 10:07:45 EST 1996

Greetings Lea,
Please provide dates and addresses for the classes/sessions.  How does
one register?

On Mon, 12 Feb 1996, LeaGil wrote:

> I went to see Guy Davis in concert last evening (2/11/96).  He was
> fabulous.  He presented a one man show called "The Adventures of Fishy
> Waters."  It was about an old "hobo" traveling the rails from MIssissippi
> to Chicago, St Louis, etc.
> He is one of the most talented musicians I know.  He (IMHO) plays the
> bottleneck and slide guitar better than most I have heard in this
> generation of young blues men.  I loved his interpretation of "Walking
> Blues" and "Dust My Broom."  He also has a new CD that has been reviewed
> in the blues mags. (damn, I should be paid for this... :-).
> OK name dropping time - after the concert we, including Guy, hung out at
> my friend's farm and we jammed into the crazy hours of the morning.
> If anyone is interested, Guy will be teaching blues guitar this summer at
> Common Ground on the Hill (one on one!) and I will be teaching a course on
> Racism.  It is a one week "camp" with the theme "Black and White
> Traditions."  Our humble way to bridge the gap between races in our part
> of the world.  It also includes an interracial gospel choir (I teach some
> of that also) which is too much fun.  NO, I am not a paid spokesperson,
> just had so much fun last year that I want to share my joy.  We had people
> from all regions of the east coast and beyond.
> Thanks for reading,
> Lea Gilmore
> Baltimore, MD
> "Wild Women Don't Have the BLues"

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