Corey Harris (was I: GuitarPlayer Mag)

Paul Deeds pdeeds@CS.TUFTS.EDU
Tue Feb 6 19:16:19 EST 1996

On Mon, 5 Feb 1996, Karen Hanson wrote:
> he's being heavily promoted--and didn't I see his name in the Handy award
> nominations?  Yet I've never heard any of his songs on the radio or on the
> DMX, and I've never even read a review.  Is his CD brand new?  He's
> advertised as having a "genuine" Delta sound.  True?  If so, I'm highly
> interested.

The only album that he has released that I know of is Between Midnight
And Day on Alligator.  On it, he plays three original tunes, and 11
covers; including: Pony Blues, Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning,
Bukka's Jitterbug Swing, Going To Brownsville, Write Me A Few Lines,
61 Highway, Catfish Blues, It Hurts Me Too, etc.

All the songs are him playing a resonator guitar and singing with no
accompianment.  He is able to cover a lot of songs without duplicating
the originals note for note, but still capturing the feeling of the
song.  I find many of the songs that he does entertaining to listen to,
especially after listening to the scratchy recordings of the "real" Delta
blues artists.

I think he is as close to a "genuine Delta blues" sound as your going to
find today, and would recommend this album strongly.

Paul Deeds

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