Yank Rachel

Cathi Norton canorton@JOURNALISM.INDIANA.EDU
Tue Feb 6 15:52:57 EST 1996

Hey everybody....

   You may remember me telling you last year that Slippery
Noodle Sound out of Indianapolis, Indiana was thinking
about putting out a record with Yank Rachel?  I'm thrilled
to announce that it will be released this month.  It's
called "Pig Trader Blues" and features Yank playing
mandolin with country-style blues picker, David Morgan.

  It's got a little of everything on it including Yank's
story of how he got his first mandolin, and of course, some
of Yank swearing at Dave(!).  And we haven't even gotten to
the music part yet.  One of the local pickers said it was
"the album Yank should have put out 20 years ago!"

  At any rate, we are thrilled that Yank's still doing so
well (in his 80s), and was able to get this recording
together (with Morgan's help).  It will be available on
Slippery Noodle Sound Feb. 27th.  I'm sorry I don't have
the exact order number, but they'll know.  You can order
this CD by using their toll-free order number:


Please tell 'em Cathi Norton sent you.  Maybe Hal (the
label owner) will buy me a cola the next time I visit)!

No affiliation and all that stuff...

Cathi N.

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