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Sat Feb 3 08:52:30 EST 1996

On  3 Feb 96, T-Bone had this to say:

> That's just America. Everything different and exciting gets blanded or
> watered down for mass taste. (Exhibit A being Elvis Presley.)

I think that you've got that backwards.  I don't think that "Exhibit
A" got "blanded" by anyone.  I think he was trying to be the best he
could be at all times.  I think that the majority of the public
seeking to buy entertainment, make the people you may consider
"bland" the most successful.  I don't think the tastes of Americans
are being guided as much as, the entertainment industry is being
guided by the taste (and prejudices) of Americans.

I also don't think that America's taste is always bland.  The Beatles
may be bland by todays standards, but in the 60s they were wildly
successful at the same time that they were revolutionaries.

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