Rev. W. M. Mosley

Fri Feb 2 12:10:40 EST 1996

Noticed W. M. Mosley's name in a posting the other day about forthcoming Sony
Roots 'n' Blues CD's.  His "Drinking Shine" is included on one of the
collections.  He was one of the Delta Big Four, a gospel quartet from Lula,
MS that traveled up to Grafton, WI in May of 1930 with Son House, Charlie
Patton, Willie Brown, Louise Johnson.

The Delta Big Four made a record on Paramount, one side of which was billed as
by "Brother W. M. Mosley and Delta Big Four."  Before and after that, Mosley
and members of his congregation recorded some two dozen sermons/songs for
Columbia, including "Drinking Shine."  One beautiful title was "The Comforter
Has Come."  Not sure if these others are out on CD yet (or even what's been on
LP), but they would be nice to hear together.

Cliff Warnken

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