Paul Rodgers/Rick Derringer

Thu Feb 1 09:41:41 EST 1996

On Thu, 1 Feb 1996 09:40:12 -0500 Bernie Clarke said:
>I listened to the Paul Rodgers stuff when it came out and it wasn't worth a
>second earful.  How can anyone with any affinity for the blues say that a
>record with Slash on it is good guitar work.  I can't think of one redeeming
>quality of that CD.

One of the worst versions I've heard of a blues song (that wasn't ME) was on
some CD my daughter has (Woodstock 9?..maybe) it was Paul Rogers and Slash
doing Albert King (Don't know who wrote ie) "The Hunter"...It was not something
that was fun to listen to. I guess they'd say the same about me...Naw they'd
like my stuff..


>spend your money on.  (Incidentally, I went to the RD show out of curiosity
>as I get in free (all that perform at the Dinosaur get into the Sunday night
>shows gratis).
>They both suck!
>Yours with honesty.

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