The end of "Drugs"

Don Cicchetti dcicchet@LASIERRA.EDU
Tue Nov 28 13:20:48 EST 1995

As a closing comment on the drugs and music thing, I would like to thank
you all for your comments.  We have certainly proven that this group can
discuss this issue without going hysterical, and flaming each other.    I
remain staunchly anti-drug, and believe that those very things used as
support for "chemical consciousness" (the "wonderful 60's" being the first
one in line) may be more appropriately used as arguments -against- drugs.
That the "almighty self" that has become such a religion in our culture,
was assisted in it's rise to prominence by the ideas and follies of that
era.   The world is a vastly worse place now than it was before the '60's,
the time when the "chemical consciousness" idea became prominent in our
culture.   Obviously, you cannot blame all of our societal changes on
drugs, but I have to ask if they helped or hurt.  To me the answer is
clear.   Millions of vital, intelligent, educated young people were looking
at the colors in their heads, while once-in-a-generation opportunites to
actually change our world slipped by them.   Now, all they want is a nice
white subdivision to live in, and a minivan.   I fear for the children of
that generation.

Yet some of us will disagree, and that is inevitable.  Nonetheless we
respect each other.  The rest of our culture should do so well.

I am very glad that the day of "psychedelic blooz" has passed however!


Don Cicchetti
La Sierra University Library Media Services
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There was a time, within the memory of some of us,
when American popular music was full of exaltation, pain & wit...
The raw intensity of Muddy Waters,
or the virile inventiveness of Duke Ellington....

- Robert Hughes

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