Sonny Boy an actor???

Jef Jaisun eljefe@NETCOM.COM
Tue Nov 28 03:16:21 EST 1995

Whoa baby! Somebody clear this one up, please. A couple nights ago I was
watching an old flic on TV, called "Take A Letter, Darling." It must have
been early to mid 1940's, starring Rosalind Russell, Fred McMurray and
McDonald Carey. Part of the set was supposed to be in Charleston, SC, so
there were black "servants" in the cast. When the credits rolled there
was this:
        Mickey Dowling..........................Sonny Boy Williamson

I just about fell off my couch. The next day I grabbed a pictorial blues
book at Barnes and Noble with a later-in-life photo of Sonny Boy in it,
and darned if it didn't look like an older version of the guy in the

Can anybody confirm SBW did acting? And if so, how'd he end up in Hollywood?

Jef Jaisun                                        

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