Bruce Stovel Bruce.Stovel@UALBERTA.CA
Mon Nov 27 11:44:55 EST 1995

Two items regarding House of Blues:

The New York club has been put on hold while they explore the possibility of
setting up the club at another venue. That is what the publicist in New York
told me a couple of weeks ago. Construction won't start until 1996.

The New York Times article (which I have yet to read) remainds me of an
anecdote. Rick Holmstrom and Johnny were in town last summer shortly after
the House of Blues club opened in L.A. At that time they spoke to the
booking agent who agreed to book them--for a token fee. He explained that
this would give them exposure. Rick said his reply was, "People are dying
all over the world from exposure." Whether true or not, it's a great line.

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