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Art Schuna aschuna@VMS2.MACC.WISC.EDU
Sun Nov 26 13:07:12 EST 1995

A few days ago someone posted some questions about Robert Nighthawk.  One of
the questions asked whether RN played slide guitar on his earliest
recordings.  I listened to Robert Lee McCoy, Complete Recorded Works 1937-40
 (Wolf WBCD-002) this AM and he does play slide on a few numbers but is not
a major part of his technique on these recordings.  Certainly nothing like
what you hear in his 50s recordings.  Sonny Boy Williamson I backs him
on harmonica on most of these recordings. You'll also find Robert on the
first disc of the Sonny Boy Williamson Complete Recorded Works series (
Document DOCD 5055) - about half of this disc has McCoy backing SBW.  Some
additional info from the liner notes - McCoy was his mother's maiden name.
Robert McCollum/McCoy/Nighthawk learned to play the guitar from Houston
Stackhouse at age 21.  One of the songs is titled "Prowling Nighthawk"
probably led to his name change, it was the song he was most known by from
his contemporaries in this period.

Another question was concerning the future of the Pearl label and whether
these will be issued on CD.  According to the latest Rhythm & News catalog
published by the Jazz Record Mart I got yesterday, Pearl will be phased
out but Delmark will reissue these probably some time after 1996.  Delmark
still has about 15 or so titles on the Delmark label to reissue on CD.  In
the meantime, Sleepy John Estes - "Brownsville Blues" has been deleted and
JT Brown - "Windy City Boogie" and "Harmonica Blues Kings" (both on Pearl
LPs) are on the endangered list.

Other interesting news from Delmark - Apollo reissues of Wynonie
Harris - "Everybody's Boogie" (#683); Blue Lu, Wee Bea and Baby Dee, 3
blues women on the Apollo label will also have a release titled "Don't
You Feel My Leg" (#684) are to be released in early 1996.  Other reissues
in the works include Tab Smith, The Blazes with Floyd McDaniel, and
Harry "The Hipster" Gibson are in the works.

Art Schuna

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