Muddy Waters & Bob Margolin

Tue Nov 21 03:35:08 EST 1995

Date: Tuesday, 21 November 1995 8:34am ET
To: Internet
Subject: Muddy Waters & Bob Margolin

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TO:  Internet
SUBJECT:  Muddy Waters & Bob Margolin

 No matter what you may think about Blues Revue - and I'll state up
 front I think its a great magazine - you should appreciate the fact
 that Bob Margolin takes the legacy of Muddy Waters seriously and
 communicates that in his writings. The Dec/Jan issue of Blues Revue
 (No.20) has some great articles on Muddy and Bob Margolin's
 personal reminiscences are both enlightening and touching. Muddy
 was "the Man," and if you don't believe that or haven't really ex-
 posed yourself to "the Man" and his music, go pick up a copy of
 BR today and find out what you've been missing

 Thanks, Bob, for a great issue

 Jon (who's has no connection to BR whatsoever) Duttweiler

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