Tab Benoit

Mon Nov 20 13:25:41 EST 1995

On Mon, 20 Nov 1995 15:50:27 EST Jim Miller said:
>  I bought Tab Benoit's most recent CD. I couldn't even get through one
>listening. More power to those of you who see "hot shit" written all over his
>music. My opinion is just take out the word hot ..... Oh well, you get the
>picture. If anyone would like to make a CD trade for some hot shit I would be

I like this CD and his Nice and Warm CD. I do not like his live show, because
of too much guitar. There are cuts on the recent one that are better left alone
(ie: Albert King tunes)...I think his singing is good and the Willie Nelson
duet is terrible.

The worst thing I've heard in along time was an electric version of "See That
My Grave Is Kept Clean"....I will not mention the artist and the rest of the
CD may be a matserpiece, but that one song was all I could take and not all of
it....It was terrible TO ME, However the artist can intepret the tune as he
sees fit, it's none of my business...

Tab is a good guy and whether you like his music or not, as a person he's
as nice (and humble) as they come. We need more like him.


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